Comic Book Corner: Bryan Lee O’Malley’s new graphic novel plays with chances

By Faith Orcino

Arts and Entertainment Editor


Creator of the popular “Scott Pilgrim” series, Bryan Lee O’Malley published his newest story, “Seconds,” last year. It focused on the brilliant young Katie, the head chef of local restaurant Seconds.


It has been four years since her first day of work there and she has been planning to start up her own business in another part of town. Things have been in a stalemate but tensions rise between Katie and her co-workers the night she sees her ex-boyfriend on a date. Many things go wrong and it ends with someone in the hospital and some tears being shed. That night, Katie discovers a girl on her dresser and a mysterious box.  The contents of the box included a magical mushroom and a notebook labelled “My Mistakes”. After testing it out, she realizes she has been given a second chance.  Her life becomes more interesting and more of the mushrooms appear in her dresser.  Little does she pay attention to the strange girl’s warning.

Unlike O’Malley’s other publications, he decided to publish this in full color with the help of colorist Nathan Fairbairn. It was a necessary element for this whimsical tale. With every new twist, the story spiraled down far from reality.  Still, Katie’s tale is one that many can resonate with, hoping for that second chance to rewrite history.  The book is available as a hardcover and as a digital e-book.  Whichever way you choose to read it, “Seconds” is something you can’t read just once.