Heather Thompson, basketball standout


Burtland Dixon

By Burtland Dixon

Sports Editor

Heather Thompson is a 5-11 forward from Escondido, California currently in her senior year here at CSUSM. Thompson is nothing short of a warrior on the basketball court.

Recently winning the A.I.I. player of week award only cements how much a great player Thompson is. The A.I.I. is the conference the sports teams here at CSUSM compete in. With the tons of athletes in the A.I.I. from all the 18 schools in the conference, that is a big accomplishment, not just for Thompson, but for any player.

“There are many amazing athletes throughout the nation and I feel blessed that I was chosen to represent the female athletes,” Thompson said.

Not only is Thompson a great individual player, she understands what it means to be a successful team and has the utmost confidence in her teammates.

“Usually when statistics are spread evenly among a team, those teams are the most successful,” Thompson said. “We have a hard working and talented group of ladies that have what it takes and more to finish the season strong and with momentum going into post-season play.”

Speaking highly of your teammates is usually the politically correct path players usually take, but Thompson is sincere with her remarks.

You can tell honesty from an athlete when you ask them about individual statistics and they have the response Thompson had.

“I am always trying to score, rebound and block as much as I can and I am disappointed when my numbers don’t exceed my averages,” said Thompson. “Statistics are a way of measuring my effectiveness on the court.”

With stellar averages of 13 points and 9 rebounds to go along with 1.7 blocks a game, all bets are on if you are betting on Heather Thompson being effective.

This being Thompson’s last season, you can only hope the best for her.

“The ideal way to end the season is to win out the rest of our schedule, win the conference tournament and compete in the national tournament,” Thompson said. Some may see those statements as unachievable goals, but others view them as achievements within arm’s reach; place Thompson in the latter category. If you ever see Thompson around campus, be sure to wish her luck on her final season.