SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WEATHER Just can’t make up its mind



Many say that the four seasons do not exist in southern California. I really cannot disagree with that statement. Often, it feels as though the weather here is either hot or cold.

The hot days usually seem to dominate the cold, and it would not be surprising to find flip-flops and sunny day beach shirts in the wardrobes of San Diegans. Some days we receive a much needed, sympathy-driven cold spell, with strong winds and the occasional random rain clouds (that always seems to follow you wherever you go). What residents of southern California are used to, but are never quite prepared for, are the unpredictable weather patterns.

Southern California is in for a La Niña this winter. Be prepared for dry weather, according to  Due to the coming dry climates, this upcoming winter season should experience little to no rain, which is certainly a relief from the on again off again showers that tend to hit students during the rush hour drive home. These dry spells stir trouble following winter though, with fire as the main adversary of the south. While the cold and wet conditions appear to come to an end, the sun still casts its warm glow on us daily, and the cloudless open sky barrages us with very cold air (particularly if you arrive at campus early or leave later at night).

Meteorologists predict sunny skies for the beginning of the week, but those skies will be cloudless and cold with highs within the 60s. Most days during winter, I still see people going about their day in shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts.

To each his own, I suppose, but there are solutions to preparing for the multi-temperature-filled days ahead. As the so-called San Diego County “winter” looms in the distance, it is safe to say that layering is the best method to prepare for the weather. If you are not up for relying on just the sun to warm you, arrive at school bundled up (especially recommended to those early risers), then layer down as the day wears on. Now along with books, you can lug around that large coat that hid in the back of your closet for the past three hot seasons.

For being someone who has never experienced snow, but can barely dress right for this weather, I am glad that it does not occur here. One can only imagine the unprepared mayhem that would bring.