Only benefits result from physical training


Burtland Dixon, Web and Social Media Manager

By Burtland Dixon

Sports Editor 

Negative stigmas are all around whether we like to acknowledge them or not – too many to name and that’s a shame of its own.

One we can point out, however, is how physical training is viewed. A common misperception is that when you get a physical trainer, you will only be rewarded with a glowing physical stature. Fortunately, that is not all that working with a physical trainer can provide.

With finals vastly approaching, stress is piling higher than the garbage at a large family get together. How can you help banish said stress? Mayo Clinic indicates exercise can very well help manage stress. Don’t know where to start, no problem. Physical trainers are surely available to help get the wheels rolling.

“Our PT (physical training) program strives for optimal fitness for everyone and all body types,” Fitness and Operations Supervisor, Jordan Friske, said.

Here at CSUSM everyone and all body types are available for PT, so believing you are too fit or not fit enough for physical training will only prevent you from receiving the benefits that await you.

“With a personal trainer a client can take a step in the right direction to exercising smarter and becoming a healthier person,” Personal Trainer, Brendyn Heath, said.

Aside from easing up stress, exercising with a personal trainer can help you become a healthier person. Good health is vital for college students, so doing what you can while attending college to help promote good health would not be a bad idea.

“There are a lot of negative stigmas in our society that we are trying to work through,” Friske said.

Friske is adamant about dispelling these stigmas attached to PT and said that utilizing the trainers that CSUSM provides will help with that.

So, do not worry about your appearance before giving it a try, because only benefits await you.