Diverse amount of graduates to be honored in commencement ceremonies

Jasmine Demers, News Editor


This commencement season, CSUSM will honor the achievements of the graduating class of 2015, who are the embodiment of the diversity and core values that represent the university.

The class of 2015 is comprised of 2,650 students from many different backgrounds and a variety of majors.

Commencement ceremonies will take place on Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16, and will expect to accumulate a total of 16,000 guests.

CSUSM offers 19 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 18 Bachelor of Science degrees, 13 master’s programs, 8 credential programs and a joint doctoral program with UC San Diego.

According to Margaret Chantung, Director of Communications and Senior Public Information Officer at CSUSM, graduating students will represent over 30 majors and degree programs as they walk across the stage at commencement.

The College of Business Administration will honor a total of 462 graduates with either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration. The College of Science and Mathematics will include 273 graduates with 23 students receiving a degree in Applied Physics, 16 receiving a degree in Biochemistry, 97 receiving a degree in Biology, 39 receiving a degree in Biotechnology, 72 receiving a degree in Computer Science/Computer Information Systems, 7 receiving a degree in Chemistry and 19 receiving a degree in Mathematics.

The College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, which holds the largest number of major programs at CSUSM, will honor a total of 591 graduates comprised of 175 Criminology degrees, 17 Anthropology degrees, 46 Economics degrees, 188 Psychology degrees, 85 Sociology degrees, 38 Social Science degrees, 39 Spanish degrees, 3 Special Major degrees, 133 Communication degrees, 13 Global Studies degrees, 71 History degrees, 104 Liberal Studies degrees, 70 Literature and Writing degrees, 34 Mass Media degrees, 58 Political Science degrees,  62 Visual and Performing Arts degrees and 8 Women’s Studies degrees.

Lastly, The College of Education, Health and Human Services will provide degrees for a total of 765 graduates including 42 Integrated Credential Program degrees, 225 Nursing degrees, 47 MA in Education degrees, 224 Human Development degrees, 182 Kinesiology degrees, 15 Master of Social Work degrees and 30 Speech Language degrees.

On top of all of these achievements by the graduating class, it is estimated that over 50 percent of these graduates are first-generation college students. Also, according to Chantung, there will be 20 graduating Veterans this semester as well as 13 former foster youth students from the ACE Scholar program.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2015 and good luck on your journey.