Musician Spotlight: School of Art Senior Quincy Lawson


By Faith Orcino


Cougar Chronicle: What is the degree you will be graduating with?


Quincy Lawson: Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts Emphasis in Music.


CC: What is your musical specialty? How long have you been perfecting your craft? Did you have to overcome some difficulties along the way?


QL: Drums. I have been playing since 6th grade in concert band and then marching band in high school. A difficulty I had to overcome was being a college athlete as well. Basketball took up most of my time and was a huge distraction from music. With practices every day and traveling every week for games, I missed a lot of class and practice time drumming.


CC: How was your time here in CSUSM? Did you start here as a freshman or transfer from another school? As being part of the inaugural graduating class of the School of Art, has there been changes in the quality of the School?


QL: My time at CSUSM has been great. I started at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) for basketball and transferred here also for basketball. I feel the quality of the school is always improving. The music program is somewhat new and is constantly getting better each semester. I really enjoy being a part of it.


CC: What do you have in plan for your postgraduate future?


QL: After I graduate, I plan to become an EMT then enter the Fire Academy and then further down the line become a firefighter. I also plan to continue playing. Music will always be a part of my life no matter what I will be doing in the future.


CC: Is there anyone (or a number of people) you would like to thank or give recognition?
QL: I am thankful for all of the support from the performing arts staff: Dr. Mtafiti Imara, Ron Jesse and Dr. Bill Bradbury as well as the CSUSM jazz band and vocal ensemble. Also, a special thanks to my band members who will be playing in my capstone with me: Andrew Velasco, Caleb Roner, Alex Caratti and Colin Hagan.