Meeting our women’s soccer team: Elizabeth Maass Player spotlight

Layda Galvan, Sports Reporter

This is a woman who demonstrates great dedication, is hard working and has a lot of determination with a great future in her soccer career.  Elizabeth Maass (19) plays with the number 16 for the Women’s soccer team for Cal State San Marcos.

Maass participated in a variety of sports throughout high school from basketball to golf. Her experience of playing in club soccer was with West Coast FC. She’s always had a passion for soccer.

“Soccer from the beginning has always been my number one sport, I knew from the beginning, like when I was eight years old even with my other sports, I always wanted to play soccer. That’s why I wanted to do it in college. Soccer from the beginning has always been my passion,” said Maass.

Her parents are her greatest influences in her life. Her cousin was a great factor in her decision in playing collegiate soccer. Maass does not regret playing soccer in college.

“It’s only been three weeks and I already think it’s the best decision ever,” said Maass. “Definitely not going to put a year in it, it is going to be all four years.”

Maass plays as Midfielder on the offensive side and sometimes as an outside mid. Her greatest skills include looking over the defense for split balls and long passes. She has a great vision on the field and is comfortable with playing any formation. Maass is always pushing herself to the limit. When she obtains the ball she knows what to do next.

Elizabeth demonstrates positive attitude and shows excitement on the field. She is grateful for her parents support and continually shows them gratitude.
“Everything you’ve done for me, pushing me when I wanted to stop and everything you guys have given me,” said Maass. I love you both so much and thank you again and I appreciate it all.”  

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