Donald Trump’s War on Women

Nicole Holman, Community News Editor

Donald Trump is now a name not only heard when talking about business tycoons or reality TV hosts. He is now a Republican candidate running in the upcoming presidential election. Convinced that his “tell it like it is” style of rants and is an actual platform, Trump seems to have targeted a specific part of the population: women.

Like a child, Trump continually refers to women’s physical appearance in order to shut down any woman who acts in a way he doesn’t agree with.

With social media’s rise and presidential candidates’ attempts to reach a wider range of the population, many candidates have taken to Twitter in hopes that 140 characters or less will convince people to vote for them. Trump has taken a different approach. Instead of tweeting about foreign policy or what he plans to do about the environmental crisis, Trump instead chooses to publicly attack women.

In October 2012, Trump tweeted that actress Bette Midler “grotesque.” In April 2015, Trump tweeted that Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington was “a “dog.” There are more, but this is not a comprehensive list of the women Trump has attacked based solely on their personal appearance.

Public notice of Trump’s misogynistic comments were sparked after Trump insinuated that Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly was on her period after she asked him a question that he did not want to answer, as if her job wasn’t literally to ask questions.

When asked to respond to the backlash, Trump is quoted saying that the media is requiring him to be “too politically correct.” Because that’s what I want a potential president to be: politically incorrect.

Trump obviously has no respect for women and no desire to learn any respect. His ways of bullying combined with blatant misogyny makes this writer disgusted to have to see Trump’s name all over the news. Trump running for president started as a joke, but I am genuinely afraid for women’s futures if Trump somehow becomes president. Trump has had no problem vocalizing his hatred for women; I hate to imagine if he were given the means to put his feelings into action.