Trump vs. El Chapo, Who Would Win?

Pierson Cepeda, Staff Writer

Donald Trump is an interesting man, to say the least. Not only is he a presidential candidate running a controversial campaign for next year, he is also a successful businessman and TV personality, known for his bluntness.

One of the contentious issues that he seeks to address within his campaign platform is illegal immigration. Trump’s immigration plan is called “Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again.”

Trump’s plan, focuses on tightening up security around the Mexican-American border. One of the specific policies involves revoking the right to “birthright” citizenship that guarantee citizenship to children born in the US regardless of their parent’s statuses.

While his statements on the issue have drawn attention from the nation, another one of Trump’s battles he has engaged in recently includes trading words with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, head of the Sinaloa drug cartel. “El Chapo,” meaning “the midget” in Spanish, escaped from Altiplano Jail maximum-security prison in Mexico.

Following the event, Trump made his thoughts on the subject known mentioning “…Trump would kick his ass!” Trump’s tweet was an attempt at undermining the other candidates and how they would handle negotiations with the drug lord.

While I appreciate Trump’s candor with regards to how he addresses the issue of immigration, I believe that Trump, in an attempt, to undermine his opponents has drawn unnecessary attention from a man as powerful, if not more, than himself.

“El Chapo” was ranked as one of the Most Powerful People in the World by Forbes, ranking above the presidents of France and Venezuela at one point.  He is also a billionaire who has unlimited resources and has escaped from two maximum security prisons.

Following Trump’s tweet regarding “El Chapo,” he received threats from an account seemingly owned by the drug cartel boss. These tweets all answer Trump’s comments in kind by threatening violence if the presidential candidate continues to spout inflammatory words.

I believe that Trump has picked a fight that he does not know if he can finish, emphasized by the fact that he felt threatened enough to contact the FBI, in response to “El Chapo’s” tweets.

If Trump continues to pursue his course of action regarding illegal immigration, he should tread lightly if he should continue to target drug trafficking and, in particular, the people in charge. While I believe Trump will remain safe, he should also be wary that “El Chapo” has a reputation of escaping the custody of government and has resources that rival those of Trump.