CSU forum discusses budget, SIRF fee

Next year’s budget may allow for new faculty hiring

Sonni Simmons, News Editor


Members of the CSU Office of the Chancellor invited journalists from various CSU campuses to listen in and ask questions regarding the CSU budget for next year.

On Sept. 10, Ryan Storm, CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget, Laurie Weidner, CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, and Kelsey Brewer, CSU Student Trustee appeared on a webinar via webcam to discuss the distribution of funds and what is to be expected regarding all CSUs next year.

“One billion dollars were lost during the recession,” said Storm. “This is 80 percent restored now. The state is in good fiscal shape.”

Because of this restoration in CSU budget, the CSU Office of the Chancellor is optimistic that around 800 professors will be hired by next year. Along with the increase in teaching staff, a 2 percent salary increase is also in the works.

“This past year we hired 742 faculty, the best number ever,” said Weidner. “This year we are posed to top that.”

The CSU Office of the Chancellor also used this webinar to inform CSU students of the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF) fee added to each semester’s tuition. This $2 voluntary fee was approved by the CSU Board of Trustees on Jan. 28 and will replace the old funding model of the California State Student Association (CSSA) starting this fall.

“SIRF is a fee that was submitted to students by students,” said Brewer. She alluded to the fact that the CSSA serves as student representation of each CSU campus’ needs and the fee was proposed by the student representatives.

In addition to the benefits that the SIRF fee will have on funding for the CSSA, it will also help support the organizations that call CSUSM home.

“SIRF helps [student organizations] be more stable and independent,” said Brewer. “We’re hoping this will create more programs that allow for individual growth.”

For more information about CSU budget, SIRF fee and opportunities for involvement visit http://www.calstate.edu/.