Benefits of meditation

The Heart Beat


Cody Cook

Meditation strengthens the body and mind.

Sarah Offenbecher, Heart Beat Columnist


Many people have heard of meditation through films, friends or perhaps seeing it practiced in a gym. Even though most people have seen mediation, the reasoning behind why people meditate might still remain unclear.

Meditation is used as a method of relaxation to clear the mind and reduce stress. In a world of balancing hectic schedules, deadlines, finances and exams, it is easy to become stressed.

Living in this world often leaves one feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and at risk for developing serious health issues. That’s why it is so important to find a way to reduce stress.

Meditation is a great way to accomplish this. Many immediate benefits gained from meditation include relaxation, lower heart rate, increased immunity, improved attention span improved focus and a better night’s sleep.

Meditation is very easy. Like anything, the more you practice meditation, the better you become.

Here are four easy steps for anyone who wants to start a meditation journey.

Step one: Find a very quiet place, such as your room, and sit down comfortably.

Step two: Turn off any possible distractions, like your phone, and close your eyes.

Step three: Breathe deeply, inhaling for a count of  five and exhaling for a count of  five. Continue to focus on slowly breathing in and out and try to remove all thoughts from your mind.

Step four: Repeat this breathing for as long as you wish.

A great starting session is just 5 minutes of focused meditation.

It may be difficult the first few times, but just focus on breathing and sit in silence. Meditation becomes much easier with practice. Stick with it, and happy meditating!