Sivan continues to impress fans with new releases

EP Review


Shannon Gallacher, Community Arts Reporter


Over the years, there have been plenty of ‘YouTube’ stars attempting to branch out into other realms of entertainment. 20 year-old Aussie singer, Troye Sivan, defeated the odds stacked against him with his second chart-topping EP, “Wild.”

Sivan always had a special place in his heart for music, but he first appeared as a true threat on the music scene back in August 2014 when he released his debut EP “TRXYE,” which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 record chart.

As his YouTube audience continued to grow and support his music career, Sivan continued recording for the next year, releasing “Wild” on Sept. 4. This sent fans into a frenzy, gushing over hit tracks such as “Ease” featuring Broods, “Fools” and “The Quiet.”

The chart topping EP captured the attention of influential artist Taylor Swift, who praised his “stunning” work on Twitter.

Troye Sivan’s sound is a mix of dream and electro-pop that eases listeners into a state of euphoria, allowing them to lose themselves in the music. Sivan’s highly relatable lyrics are influenced by his real life experiences with heartbreak, heartthrobs, home and family life and self-exploration that are transformed into soothing melodies. With thick background beats and the poetic flow of lyrics, “Wild” proves itself a worthy opponent next to other acclaimed albums currently on the charts.

Though it may not be for everyone, “Wild” is a success in regards to Sivan staying true to his sound and is a stand out among the average pop tunes we hear on the radio everyday on the way to and from class.

You can purchase “Wild” from iTunes or stream for free on Spotify now.