Alumni encourages hard work, dedication and to never give up on your dreams

Alumni Spotlight


Shanice Davis, Features Editor


Graduating Magna Cum Laude from CSUSM in May 2015, alumni Erin Leclair is on to bigger things as she is currently tackling the newest addition to her life: law school.

Leclair received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in French and was heavily involved in campus life during her time here. In 2013, she was elected president of the CSUSM Golden Key Chapter, where she served until she graduated. She was also elected vice president of the Pre-Law Society, where she served for two years. In addition to that, she was a 2015 Tukwut Leadership Circle graduate.

Since graduation, Leclair has been on a roll as she jumped right into the next chapter of her life without hesitation.

“I am currently attending California Western School of Law on an academic scholarship. l also work part time for the San Diego Superior Courthouse where I have almost worked two years,” said Leclair.

With all of this experience under her belt, Leclair says that her years of being involved in student affairs helped shaped her future endeavours.

“Being involved in organizations not only looks good on a résumé, but you meet people that can open doors for you,” said Leclair. “I got my job at the courthouse because one of the women, who is a very good friend of mine, worked for the courthouse and offered me a job in her office. That job gave me experience to put on my law school personal statement. Months later I am still being rewarded from that one experience.”

Leclair says that school and work are essentially the only things she’s been devoting her time to these days.

“Right now I have 110 percent of my time, energy and focus on law school; I pretty much live at school. It’s definitely been a love-hate relationship,” said Leclair. “I dove right into it which is what I would recommend to anyone wanting to pursue graduate work. You remember how to be a student and the time and the effort you need to put into studying.”

Leclair says there is no comparison between undergrad and graduate studies—not in the very least.

“In my opinion, no amount of undergraduate work will prepare you for law school, no matter how hard you work.”

Within the next 10 years, Leclair wants to be done with law school and practice law.

“My goal right now is to graduate in the spring of 2018 with my J.D. degree. From there I plan to work for the San Diego District Attorney or for Air Force JAG,” said Leclair.

For those who are interested in taking the law path and are wanting to pursue graduate school, Leclair encourages those students to do a very basic thing: ask questions.

“There are no stupid questions and you could never ask enough. The application process is hard, the times leading up to school are hard, law school IS hard. But do not let the detour [keep] you from going after your dreams.”

For those overwhelming times when Leclair feels like she can’t win and needs a breather, she thinks of a song that her mother dedicated to her in her high school yearbook, “I Hope You Dance.”

“This song has impacted the way I look at my life. To summarize—let life knock you down, but don’t let it keep you down; enjoy what life gives you, but don’t forget to be thankful; do not take the easy way out when times are looking rough and never forget to live for your dreams.”