Show less skin this Halloween


Tiffany Trent, Assistant Opinion Editor


Halloween costumes come in countless varieties. Some are understated and simple while others are elaborate and detailed. Many costumes leave very little to the imagination.

What message does dressing in suggestive costumes actually send?

While I understand that a lot of people feel that dressing seductively, especially for Halloween, is empowering and is a way to show confidence, I believe that it is objectifying. Showing off a lot of skin implies that the best thing about you is your body. The first thing others will notice about you is your body parts.

I understand that it can be “fun” to dress seductively and suggestively, especially on a holiday like Halloween. I get that it’s no big deal to dress with less and that everyone has the right to dress however they desire. I just happen to believe that dressing in such a way degrades people and sells them short.

There is so much more to us than our bodies. We are complex beings. We are our hearts, our dreams and our goals. We are made up of kindness, honesty, viewpoints, insecurities and emotions. We are intelligent. We are individuals. Showing off almost all of our skin distracts others from who we really are.

Instead of showcasing our bodies, what if we showcased our minds, our thoughts and our feelings? By choosing not to dress in skimpy clothes, we go against the tide of society’s norms and show off our true selves.