Are “basic” Halloween costumes all that basic?

Nicole Holman, Community News Editor


Choosing a costume for Halloween has always been a thrilling pastime. As a child, I remember having energetic discussions with friends about who or what we were going to dress up as well before Oct. 31 was even close.

Now that we’re in college, time to plan elaborate costumes (or even simple costumes) is hard to come by. One day it’s September and you think, “I have plenty of time before Halloween to find a costume!” then suddenly, midterms come up and you don’t even have time to think about costumes with 15-page papers looming over your head.

Time is not our only concern; there’s also the question of funds. Not everyone has the money to spend on prepackaged, pre-made costumes, so oftentimes people turn to creating their own.

Simple, homemade costumes can end up being the cleverest conversation starters at any Halloween party or event. Last year, I created a last minute costume by drawing inspiration from one of my favorite films, “Easy A”. This costume consisted of a simple black bustier, jeans, heels and a large ‘A’ written on my chest in red lipstick. Everyone knew who I was, and the costume essentially cost me nothing.

Want a last minute costume idea but afraid everyone else in the same boat will be wearing the same outfit? Simply take a cat costume (i.e. cat ears, whiskers) and write “copy” on a t-shirt; put the two together and voila, you’re a copycat.

So, don’t be afraid of donning a “basic” Halloween costume this year. Whether it’s your budget or time constraints, the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” definitely applies. A classic is a classic for a reason.
Besides, who can resist throwing on a pair of ears and getting to reply, “I’m a mouse, duh!” to everyone who asks what you are.