Women’s basketball defeated by USC in exhibition

Why Cougars should not worry

Burtland Dixon, Sports Editor


CSUSM women’s basketball team traveled to the City of Angels to face USC on Nov. 8. It was an exhibition for both teams, and although the Cougars fought hard, USC had its number all game.

Fresh off a 19-9 record and a tournament win at CSU San Bernardino, new head coach Renee Jimenez said she’s confident her team will be just fine.

The superior height of USC’s players is what gave the Cougars such a challenge, resulting in the 89-25 loss.

“We won’t see anybody like that ever again,” said Jimenez. “In our conference everybody pretty much looks like us.”

Having just transitioned into NCAA Division II and immediately facing one of the top teams in the nation in Division I, would prove a tall task for any young institution. Luckily, the new conference the Cougars are in is fit for CSUSM.

“Our conference isn’t built on 80 [or] 90-point nights. Our games are won in the 60s and low 70s,” said Jimenez. “We’re a defensive team. We have a system and when our kids learn to trust our system, they’re going to be pretty good.”

Junior transfer Ashley Jenkins tallied up the most points for the Cougars against the Women of Troy and is already buying into the system after only one game.

“Defensively, we didn’t give up, even though they were three times bigger,” said Jenkins.
With conference play beginning Nov. 14 against UC San Diego, the Cougars are set to improve.

“I’m really proud that we fought tonight and we played hard,” said Jimenez. “Our team is going to be very good at the end of the season—it’s just a matter of chemistry and playing more together.”