CSUSM police keep bicyclists’ property safe

Harvey Ratenpal, Contributer


One of the current strategies used by the Police Department to keep students’ property safe is the CSUSM Bicycle Registration Program.

This program allows students the opportunity to voluntarily register their bicycles into a database that is shared with law enforcement agencies across the county.

After registering, the students will receive a permanent sticker, about as small as a vehicle parking pass, to place on your bicycle. In the event of a bicycle theft, law enforcement is able to check if a bike is stolen by cross-referencing the registration database and the registration sticker. To register your bicycle, visit www.csusm.edu/parking/commuter/biketocampus.html.

Along with this registration program, the CSUSM Police Department offers other resources to bicycle riders.

If a student arrives on campus without a bicycle lock, he/she can borrow one from Parking and Commuter Services, which is located in the University Police Building.

Bicycle pumps are also available at Craven Circle and by the Campus Way bicycle racks. Parking and Commuter Services also rents out bicycle lockers for a nominal semester fee.

CSUSM police department would like to remind students to lock up bicycles using a “U-Lock” as they are more secure than most other types of locking mechanisms.

More information about the bicycle program or other commuter programs can be obtained by contacting the Parking and Commuter Services via email at [email protected] or at (760)750-7500.


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