Social justice summit encourages acceptance

Social justice summit encourages acceptance

Nicole Holman, Community News Editor


Students, faculty and campus leaders gathered for a weekend of discussion and development of leadership skills at the CSUSM Social Justice Summit.

During the weekend of Nov. 13 through Nov.15, CSUSM students attended an educational summit dedicated to activities and conversations related to social justice issues.

The summit, specifically for undergraduate students, began in 2009 during the fall semester as a means of educating students about social justice issues as well as to encourage students to take a stand against injustice. Those who participated in the Social Justice Summit were challenged to critically analyze different types of oppression and the real-world effects of them.

The summit took place at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Carlsbad where room, board and meals were provided for those attending. Lectures discussing the intricacies of identity were given, activities were completed and games were played.

Some of the key points of the summit include increasing awareness of cycles of socialization and oppression, recognizing one’s own connection to systems of power and privilege and forming relationships and support systems with other individuals at CSUSM.

As students prepared to wrap up the end of the weekend, one final activity was completed to commemorate the summit. Students sat in a circle with their eyes closed as summit leaders and other students went around the circle to say something positive about each person who participated in the summit.

The Social Justice Summit has become a CSUSM tradition and occurs every fall semester. If you are interested in being a participant in the next summit, please contact Associated Students, Inc. or visit one of the ASI Community Centers in the Student Union.