Adele’s new album brings power and emotions

Adele’s “25”

Tiffany Trent, Assistant Opinion Editor


English singer/songwriter sensation Adele debuted her newest album, “25” after a four-year hiatus. Despite having a break from music, it is clear that this album was well worth the wait.

In typical Adele fashion, “25” is an album full of power, raw honesty, regret, love and hope. In several interviews, Adele has said that while her second album was a breakup album, “25” is a “makeup” album where the singer makes up with herself.

With her newest release, Adele isn’t afraid to show us her softer, vulnerable side where she says goodbye to old loves and recognizes her past mistakes. In “Hello,” a soulful ballad, she sings of an old lover and how her regrets over the relationship still haunt her. In the folksy “I Miss You,” Adele sings of her insecurities and the trust she places in her lover.

We also get to enjoy tracks that exhibit her sassy, independent side. “Send Your Love (To Your New Lover)” is an upbeat song where she celebrates her freedom from an ex-lover. The soft ballad “Remedy” speaks of the comfort and safety found in friendship and love in a cruel world.

Adele looks to the comforts of the past and the life wisdom gained from it. “A Million Years” speaks of the simplicity of a childhood gone while “When We Were Young” values old memories you will reminence about in years to come.

The album finishes on a sweet, sentimental note in the last track “Sweetest Devotion.” This heartfelt song is about the love and loyalty the singer has for her son and has a gospel like sound.

Adele did it again with her newest album. The variety of emotions and music the album contains is vast, yet cohesive and allows you a meaningful glimpse into the human heart, filled with heartache and happiness.