Jonathan Gheorghin aspires to bring happiness into people’s lives

Graduation spotlight

Shanice Davis, Features Editor


At the age of 10, graduating senior Jonathan Gheorghin and his family moved to the States from France so his father could achieve the American Dream. Since then, he has been paving his own version of the dream his father once sought.

Gheorghin started his college career at MiraCosta College and transferred to CSUSM in 2013. He changed his major numerous times before declaring his major as Social Science with three concentrations: Sociology, Psychology and Diversity and Discrimination in Education with a minor in Sociology.

Although Gheorghin was not directly involved in student life too much during his time at CSUSM, he still dabbled in things here and there, as he is a fond believer in exploring one’s horizons.

“I’m involved in a lot of different things. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to be labeled; I believe that being involved in a group includes people at the exclusion of everyone else. So I like to put my hands in a little bit of everything,” said Gheorghin.

Currently, Gheorghin is a personal wellness coach and a tutor, but finds that his passion lies in the health and wellness field, as he sees himself making a career in this field instead of sociology.

“I’m not going to directly be a sociologist or a school counselor. I’m actually a personal wellness coach. I help people lose weight, get in shape and feel good about themselves,” said Gheorghin. “I’m going to become a certified personal trainer, so that’s more of where I lie and I also see myself being a life coach. I think all of the classes I have taken helped me get to this point.”

He thoroughly enjoys his job and believes little things, like making someone smile, is what makes him feel like he has done something good for someone else.

“My goal is to bring a smile to everybody’s face on earth every single day; to know that I’ve impacted somebody, somehow, whether it’s a smile or in nutrition. The goal is [for] as many people as possible, as long as I’m around,” he said.

A lot of his principles are rooted from his father, who he deems a dreamer and visionary.

“He believed we would have a better chance if we lived in the United States, so he bought into the American dream…it starts with a dream, then it’s about turning the dream into action,” said Gheorghin.

Everyday, Gheorghin strives to help others turn their dreams into action. Whether it’s in school or at the gym, action is key.

As for a quote that gets him through his day of lending a helping hand, Gheorghin does not solely live through one, but a multitude.

“The way I see it is that it’s never one thing; it’s always a combination of things that drives anything in life. I’ve really been enjoying the process as opposed to focusing on the result lately, while at the same time, I like living in the moment,” said Gheorghin. “When you live in the moment, you stop worrying about time and you enjoy each part of life and each setting.”

As for future graduating students, Gheorghin offers a plethora of advice.

“Don’t be too proud to seek help, learn the bureaucracy behind your university, learn what you’re entitled to and what you’re not. Your education is not a popularity contest. Focus on your major and be on good terms with your professors. Not only is it going to benefit you, but it’s the way it should be; it’s a human interaction,” he said.

“The closer and the nicer you are and the more attention you pay to whatever it is you’re taking, the more you’re going to get that back, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. No matter how hard it gets, keep going.”