Communication Society helps students better their skills, community


Pierson Capeda

The Communication Society officers at the Communication Department Meet and Greet at the SBSB courtyard.

Karen Ambrocio, Student Life Reporter


The Communication Society is an organization that helps students gain the professional skills needed to succeed and increase their involvement with their community.

Enhancing one’s own social skills can be difficult; public speaking can have most students shaking to their knees, stuttering continuously or blanking out completely. Interviewing can sometimes make students nervous and forget what questions they have to say or what questions they have to answer. All of these personal social skills can be improved with the help of the Communication Society.

Social skills like strong public speaking are needed to build professionality. Katelyn Ebersbacher, President of the Communication Society, explains how this organization will help prepare students  to understand what comes next after graduating college. They help build professional networking skills and would like to reach out to students.

As president, Ebersbacher’s goal for the organization is to make it bigger and stronger. Once a shy young woman, she has learned a lot through her experience and was fortunate to obtain this leadership position this spring semester.

The Communication Society is an organization open to all majors and membership can be obtained by participating in three of their events. The organization holds meetings twice a month; their first one was at 11 a.m. on Feb. 9 in SBSB 1105.

The Communication Society is a way for students to build their professional skills and be involved in their community.

The Communication Society also focuses on enhancing one’s local and community involvement. They’ve participated in events corresponding with Tukwut leadership and have aided in events like feeding the homeless.

The overall purpose of the Communication Society is to enhance the social skills needed for future jobs and participate in local community involvement. The skills that they teach students will not only look great on resumes, but will also give students the resources they need to succeed in their careers. Students who get involved with the Communication Society will carry the skills they learn with them for the rest of their lives.

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