How to woo your significant other on Valentine’s Day

Alejandro Picasso, Assistant Opinion Editor

Valentine’s day is one of the most exciting and anxiety filled days of the year. Many people feel pressure from the big day and aren’t quite sure what they should do for their significant other. It can be quite a challenge to come up with the perfect date, but ladies and gentlemen, I have got you covered.

If you are in a semi-­serious relationship, your Valentine’s day date is pretty simple. Get your special someone flowers and chocolates with a card. For dinner, take your significant other to their favorite restaurant. This is the tried and true Valentine’s day plan for those in a newer relationship. It’s simple and straightforward, but it’s not the kind of date you would want for a serious relationship.

In a serious relationship, the typical Valentine’s day gifts and a dinner is not going to cut it. You want to make the whole day a special day for your partner. In the morning, get your partner the standard Valentine’s day gifts and leave them in his or her house. Leave the card, chocolates and flowers on the coffee table or kitchen counter. If you can’t get into the house, leave the gifts on the front door before he or she leaves the house. In the card, mention that you and your special someone will have lunch at your favorite eatery. Yes your favorite eatery; this day is about you as much as it is about them. Don’t give any gifts at lunch. Just have your meal and spend quality time with each other. At the end of your lunch, tell your significant other about your dinner plans, which will be at his or her favorite restaurant. The best parts of the date will be saved for later.

You want to make your partner feel special. After dinner, walk him or her to your car and say that you have a surprise. Blindfold your partner and take him or her to a location where the stars are visible in the night sky. Remove the blindfold and together gaze upon the stars. After some time, point out a specific star, constellation or binary star. Look them straight in the eye, like you are staring into their soul and tell them “That is your star.” This is the big gift, buying and naming a star after your special someone. With the help of the internet, you can register a star online that comes with a certificate with their star information and the registered name.

Finally, before you part ways, whip out the final gift ­­– no, not that –­­ something surprising and thoughtful ­­ maybe something that your special someone mentioned long ago. Hand it to your partner, smile and say, “I love you. Happy Valentines Day.” This is my master plan, what I would recommend you do so that you have the greatest Valentine’s day. If this is not your cup of tea, then go with your instincts, follow your heart and make sure you put love first.