Show kindness to everyone on Valentine’s day


Cody Cook

Students, Jaciel, Damon & Adara laugh over a meal together in the USU dining hall.

Tiffany Trent, Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day is all about love. So in the spirit of this day, I suggest that we all make an effort to love others.

Doing small things for others can go a long way in showing that you care. Give your mom a hug. Tell your dad you love him. Let your significant other know how much he or she means to you. Take your sibling(s) to the movies. Tell your friend what an amazing human being he or she is. These little acts of love don’t take up much time or energy, but can make the other person’s day better and brighter.

Don’t reserve your love just to people that you know. That person we pass in the hallway or the customer we’re serving at work could use a little light in their day. Smile at a stranger passing by. Hold the door open for someone. Compliment someone. Bring your classmate a coffee. Ask your food server how his or her day is going. Your simple kindness might be the only good part of their day.

In our fast-­paced world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by our phones and schedules. It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of kindness. Going out of your way to show a small act of love to another person not only brightens the day of the other person, it also brightens your day as well. Showing love to others leaves us feeling warm and connected.

Mother Teresa explained it beautifully when she said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” So go out and smile.