Romantic movies perfect for Valentine’s Day

Five films to watch during the holiday


Lexy Perez, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, there are a myriad of films ideal to watch on Valentine’s Day.

There are the romantic films that portray the ultimate love stories that everyone finds themselves pining for, or the films that express the trials and tribulations of love and singleness.

Regardless of whether you’re alone or in company during the holiday, here are five films to watch on Valentine’s Day:

1. “Titanic”

Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) never let go of each other and we have never let go of their love story. Director James Cameron’s film tugs at every viewer’s heartstrings in some way. Whether you’re emotional about the historic tragedy of the ship’s sinking or watching Jack and Rose fall in love despite their class differences, this film is the epitome of what makes a love story.

2. “500 Days of Summer”

Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, the film follows a person who doesn’t believe in love (Deschanel) and a hopeless romantic (Levitt) as they unexpectedly find themselves in a journey of love and heartbreak. The great thing about this film is its ability to capture the reality of what love is. From the experience of falling in love, confusion that comes with being in a relationship and the process of heartbreak, the film depicts every high and low of being in a relationship and single, something anyone can relate to in some way.

3. “The Wedding Singer”

Although Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have starred in a number of films together, this movie is a perfect Valentine’s Day film that could appeal to both guys and girls. In the film, Sandler is a wedding singer determined to stop the woman he has fallen in love with (Barrymore) from getting married. Whether it’s Sandler’s impressive mullet or Barrymore’s good-­girl charm, this rom-­com will not only deliver the laughs, but make you feel as if you’ve transported back into the 1980s.

4. “The Notebook”

Anyone who hasn’t heard about this film has clearly been living under a rock. The film depicts a love story between a wealthy teenager (Rachel McAdams) and a mill worker (Ryan Gosling). Following their love story from their teens to their elder years, this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day film. Not to mention, almost every girl and guy have found themselves crying during it at some point. Tissue boxes are definitely needed.

5. “You’ve Got Mail”

If this film was made in today’s generation, it could be a mix between “Catfish” and “Tinder,” only the people actually fall in love. After meeting online, a boutique bookseller (Meg Ryan) and an owner of the corporate Fox Books store (Tom Hanks) begin a whirlwind romance by emailing back and forth. The surprising secret is that they have no idea that they are each other’s business rivals. This film is a love story about two people who have every odd against them, but choose to fall in love anyway.