ASI resolutions on CFA and Sustainability Fee

Cory Kay, News Editor

CSUSM Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors held a gathering to discuss its resolutions in support of the California Faculty Association’s “Fight for Five” and the proposed Sustainability Fee.

The meeting, open to students, faculty and staff was held at 1 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19.

The California Faculty Association (CFA) has been in the process of negotiating for a 5 percent salary increase. The ASI Board of Directors expressed their beliefs and position in regards to the faculty’s request, stating that the associated students stand in solidarity with the CFA at CSUSM.

The decision to support the CFA in the fight for a 5 percent salary increase was based upon faculty and staff dedication to CSU students, faculty concerns about current compensation and future education quality concerns.

“Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions,” according to the resolution document sent out by ASI. “Low professor salaries inhibit the attraction and retention of qualified professors, which also impacts the value of a student’s degree earned at CSUSM.”

Another primary issue addressed and resolved at the ASI Board of Directors Meeting was the proposed five-dollar Sustainability Fee, which students can choose to opt-out of each semester.

The proposal of the Sustainability Fee was driven by a number of CSUSM values including leading sustainability and conservation efforts in the CSU system.

According to the ASI Board of Directors, the implementation of the semesterly fee will provide a unique opportunity for CSUSM students to play a role in shaping the sustainability and conservation progress of our campus.

“Students desire a more active voice in the activities of the university affecting social, environmental and financial issues related to them,” read the resolution document. “A Sustainability Fee funding student-sponsored, student-driven projects would allow students to play a role in shaping their university…”

The Board of Directors made the decision to advocate for the sustainability fee on the basis of the opportunities it would provide to CSUSM students and the goal of keeping the campus at the forefront of CSU sustainability efforts.

The Board also took into account a survey of 375 students conducted by the CSUSM Sustainability Club, in which 46 percent of those surveyed supported the fee, while 28 percent remained indifferent.