“Fuller House” brings a fresh perspective on an old classic

Tiffany Trent, Opinion Editor


If you’re like me, you grew up with the Tanner family from the 1980s hit sitcom “Full House.” Now there is a fresh and new spinoff of the original series that brings viewers back into the lives of DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler, Uncle Jesse and the rest of the Tanner gang.

The first episode reunites the Tanners and Ketsopolis’ as they prepare to sell their family home. DJ Tanner-­Fuller is now a successful veterinarian and a mother of three young boys. Her husband has recently passed away, leaving her in need of help with raising her sons. Danny Tanner and Becky Being that Ketsopolis are offered to move their talk show to LA, Danny invites DJ and her sons to move into the family home. DJ’s younger sister, Stephanie, and best friend Kimmy Gibbler move in to help DJ raise her boys. The episodes follow the success, misadventures and lives of the three women raising DJ’s sons.

The new series is light and funny, while remaining true to its predecessor. All of our favorite characters have returned (except for Michelle Tanner) and are better than ever. The comedy is witty and sharp and the storylines interesting. It’s a walk down memory lane, while staying current and relevant.

Personally, I enjoy that the show focuses on three strong female characters. It is nice to see DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy support each other and still have successful professional lives. They realistically represent the strength and capability of women.

Netflix recently announced they are renewing “Fuller House” for a second season. If it is anything like the first season, I will happily tune in and continue with the lives of the characters I have loved since childhood.