The Cougar Chronicle talks with ‘Divergent’ actors Nadia Hilker, Bill Skarsgård

The film franchise welcomes two new actors in ‘Allegiant’

Lexy Perez and Shannon Gallacher


What first began as another dystopian book adaption has now grown to become a box office success.

Part one of the third installment of the “Divergent” series, “Allegiant” was recently released on March 18 with actors Nadia Hilker and Bill Skarsgård ready to join the pandemonium.

The film follows protagonist Tris (Shailene Woodley), Four (Theo James) and others escaping the walls that have confined them to their home town of Chicago for their entire lives. Motivated to see what lies behind the other side, Tris and Four’s escape places them in the Bureau, where they learn hidden secrets that make them question themselves and humanity. They are soon forced to choose whether to trust their new world or fight for a peaceful solution to the chaos their previous home has become.

Joining the cast are Hilker and Skarsgård, who play Nita and Matthew, respectively, two characters helping Tris and Four learn about their new world.

“It was like the first day of high school. It was nerve wracking. You want them [the cast] to like you. They’ve been working together for like two years, but we had each other. We were like the new kids in school,” said Hilker.

While the film features actors that have now become established in the film industry, such as Woodley, James and Ansel Elgort, Hilker found more excitement in being a part of a big role in America than in focusing on which famous actors she would be working with.

“When I work with actors, I don’t watch any of their stuff. I don’t want to get an idea or have an opinion about [them] as an actor and then be intimidated,” said Hilker.

While Skarsgård has only read the last book in the series to prepare for his role, he tends to focus more on his performance and perfecting his craft.

“I’m my worst critic. I’m never really happy with any of my performances, because there’s always room for improvement. But I do it, and all that I can do with it. As long as I feel like I worked as hard as I could, then I kinda come to terms with it,” said Skarsgård.

Hilker and Skarsgård said they try not to acknowledge the pandemonium that surrounds the franchise. Their only focus is delivering their take on the characters without giving too much importance to the constant media frenzy.

“I just try to focus on what I can do,” said Skarsgård, “I’m not on any social media. I think it’s dangerous to get caught up with what people say about you, because unfortunately, the only things that you remember are the bad things. That one terrible comment is the only one you’ll remember.”

Also choosing to avoid the media hype, Hilker said, “I try to not think about it. I totally blocked it out. I go to set and do my work. I’m aware that a lot of people don’t like my character, but she’s nice. I hope people get to see that.”

With every film adaption comes comparisons to the novels, but Skarsgård said that shouldn’t matter.

Skarsgård said, “The movies have taken on a life of their own. It’s a separate thing. I feel like that’s what it’s supposed to be. You have the novels for a reason. If you want to make a movie that’s exactly like the novel then what’s the point?”

With part two of the final installment set to begin filming in summer, Hilker and Skarsgård feel honored to be a part of the final chapter.

“It’s such this big movie and I’m just this girl from Germany. You think of your biggest dreams and then this happens,” said Hilker.

The “Divergent” series took on a whole new form with “Allegiant,” grossing over $29 million in its opening weekend. Whether you’ve read the series from start to end, fell in love with the series through the movies or are simply looking for some entertainment, “Allegiant” is well worth the hype.