My best friend is my inspiration, role model

Kat Diltz, Staff Writer


Over the years, I have learned that the quality of your friends is far more important than the quantity of your friends.

Many young women can be vicious, and it is unfortunate that many of them put fellow females down instead of encouraging one another. As a teenager, I had many negative experiences while trying to be friends with other girls.

Luckily, I have found a diamond in the rough ­­ my best friend, Megan Maxwell. Although she is not a CSUSM Cougar, she is still incredibly fierce! She is passionate, loyal, assertive and honest—she has been there for me through many ups and downs. Overall, Megan has been one of the most positive influences in my life.

Although I consider myself to be a confident person, I do have the occasional days when I feel a bit insecure. Megan is a reliable soul who is always open to talk to me about anything and everything. She reminds me that I am strong even when I feel discouraged, and empowered even when I feel like I am having the worst day.

Though she is a beautiful woman inside and out, Megan does not focus only on herself. She is always honest with others when they seek out her advice and she tells the truth, even if it is not what the other person wants to hear. She has defended me numerous times against people who have done me wrong, and she is not afraid to argue her ideas in a tactful way. As a fellow Literature and Writing major, Megan makes sure to choose her words carefully. Of the years that I have known her, Megan has exuded nothing but charm and class towards everyone she meets.

A quality that I admire in my friend Megan is her perseverance. When she sets her mind on something—whether it be a project, a relationship, a friendship, etc.—she makes sure that she does everything in her power to succeed, or at least learn a lesson with a positive outcome. She always makes sure to weigh out her possibilities and  takes her time to analyze a situation before tackling an obstacle in her life.

She has supported me through heartbreak, disappointment and plain old bad days. With her determination, honesty and assertiveness, I have no doubt that Megan will succeed in life and reach her creative and professional goals. She continues to be a support system in my life and I am incredibly grateful for her. Megan is a lovely human being and I hope that everyone meets someone in their life who is as devoted, spirited and as kind as her. She is such a strong young woman and her qualities are those to be admired!