AAUW is here to empower you

The board of AAUW tells students how they can help empower the women of our campus.

Lex Garcia, Assistant Features Editor


With one semester under its belt and over 30 members, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is making huge strides in order to spread unity and solidarity amongst men and women on campus.

AAUW came to CSUSM in 2015 as stated by the campus which was to, “Empower women at the collegiate level and beyond through mentorship and networking opportunities, leadership training and professional development support.”

This organization also gives women on our campus the opportunity to speak to female leaders,  as well as reach out to youth.

“AAUW is a national organization which was founded in 1881, but there was even an organization prior to AAUW known as ACA [Association of Collegiate Alumnae] that helped women in science with funding to help women succeed. So this is a stem for us as an organization,” said Anne Decker, who is an AAUW public relations representative.  

With its presence on campus, AAUW strives to showcase itself as a way to get more students involved within their organization.

“We have put on a lot of events in the past and still plan to have many more in the future. We have organized a CV and resume workshop,” said Sharon Patray who is the Vice President of the organization. “We also started a salary negotiation workshop here on campus.”

This month really hit home for AAUW since it is Herstory Month. It impacts the organization as a whole, and personally impacts each member of the AAUW.

“Personally for me, it represents how far women have come. A lot of it has been without help, and with struggle, but now we are all not alone and both the women and men of this group are supporting what we are doing here,” said Decker.

Patray also has a personal connection to Herstory Month.

“This is the month where I step back and take a look at the fact that I am a woman and I realize that women before us have struggled a lot,” said Patray. “It continues to be a struggle today and I want us to be able to help and better the future for all women.”

AAUW considers Herstory Month important for all women to come forth in unity. As a whole, the organization wants to make an impact that will affect CSUSM for many years.

“We want to be great mentors…and we want to build confidence in women and make them aware that they are worth so much more, and that women are here to stay and fight for what they deserve and always have deserved,” said Decker and Patray.
AAUW next meeting will be held during U-Hour on Tuesday, April 19 in Academic Hall 206, where attendees will be able to meet the first female mayor of Escondido, Lorraine Boyce.