CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance Spring ShowKAse & Kapatid Officialization

CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance hosts Spring Showcase for the fam

Elizabeth Jaffari, Design Editor


It was a family affair at the CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance Spring ShowKAse and Kapatid Officilization on April 1 in Academic Hall 102.

While some may be unsure as to what the Kapatid Officialization entails, President of CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance Andrea Aduna ensures that it’s a commonality amongst other universities.

“Kapatid program is a mentoring program. Kapatid in Tagalog means sibling and in that program you have a Kuya, which are big brothers, Ate, which are big sisters and Adangs, which is Ilocano for younger sibling,” said Aduna. “All the other Filipino organizations at different universities and colleges have this mentoring program. It’s an opportunity to have the incoming freshman have a mentor who has gone through the process of school.”

After the officialization, participating students showcased their talents from singing, dancing, playing guitar, playing ukulele and reading poetry.

“This showcase allows [members] to shine and showcase their talents. Specifically, this program [allows] the Kapaitd program families to officialize their unofficials. That way, they don’t feel left out,” said Aduna.

Performers at the event also included students from other schools. Leizl Nones, from San Ysidro High School, gave a wonderful singing performance.

“My sister is apart of the KA board so she introduced me to this and I’ve done it before. Everybody is just really supportive. And I love the vibe here,” said Nones.

Something that is evident about this event is the family dynamic displayed by audience support and encouragement for student performers.

“All of our events are family­oriented events, so anyone can come and enjoy,” said Aduna.

Ken Ines, the historian for CSUSM Kamalayn Alliance and a third-­year kinesiology student at CSUSM, performed twice that night. After singing and performing the ukulele, he was humbled to be a part of the showcase.

“I’ve been doing this three years already, ever since I was a freshman,” said Ines. “I’m also a musician,” said Ines.

He said that being part of the club goes beyond membership as members are also able to express their talents.

The Kamalayan Alliance encourages students to attend their next event to celebrate Filipino culture.

Audna said, “I’m really excited for our major spring event, which is our Filipino Cultural Showcase. It’s gonna be on Saturday, April 16 at the San Marcos Civic Center from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s $2 pre­-sale and $3 at the door.”

If you want to learn more about some of the events that CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance hosts, visit www.facebook.com/csusmka.