International student shares career goals, leads student organization

Cody Cook, Photo Editor


Born in Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, international student Tilak Joshi came to the States in 2015 to further his education.

Joshi has become a familiar face around campus due to his active involvement in the community. His involvements include assisting the Global Education Office, working at Jazzman’s Cafe, participating in events held by campus organizations and starting the Indian Student Organization.

Danielle McMartin, Associate Director of the Global Education Office and International Student and Scholar Advisor, said Joshi is “a fantastic addition to our CSUSM international student community. He spends quality time connecting all around the university, including our Office of Global Education. We all appreciate his sincere interest in learning new cultures and his genuine, friendly and outgoing personality.”

Joshi aims to “promote, advance and spread awareness about India and its fascinating heritage, as well as [give] Indian students a space to unite.”

He also said that the organization welcomes non-­Indian students as well.

Tilak has traveled from India to further his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and plans to expand his education and travel to Japan to receive his master’s. He aims to do groundbreaking work in the medical field, inspired by the desire to help others in his country where many lives are taken by the HIV epidemic. Ultimately, he would like to apply his experience as a biotechnology major to a future job at the Center for Disease Control.

He said he wants to “find cures for diseases such as HIV, and many others … and make sure they are available for free.”

Joshi said he wants to help the world grow and develop. His motivation for wanting to help those in need stems from the time he spent growing up in India. There, Joshi witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of HIV and other non­-curable diseases.

His favorite quote is “Have faith and hope because there is something new and positive on the horizon that you cannot see yet,” said by Avril Lavigne. With a winning personality, a caring heart, strong faith and hope, Joshi will, without a doubt, achieve his purpose.