CSUSM Swim Club set to begin competitions


Layda Galvan, Assistant Sports Editor


After a startup process that lasted over a year, the CSUSM Swim Club is finally poised to not just continue with practice, but begin to compete against other club and Masters swim teams.

“I felt [a swim team] was missing from my college experience, so I decided to get the ball rolling myself,” said Club President David Breidenthal. “I hope that this club continues to be a part of student life for a long time to come.”

In fall 2015, Breidenthal founded the swim club with the help of Emory Yecpot and Sarah Henderson

Since swim club is new on campus, they were advised “not to join the league, USA swimming, or compete until the following fall,” said Breidenthal. “This system is in place so that we may focus on setting up a strong member and financial base through fundraising.”

The club plans to compete “next year…against other collegiate clubs in the Southern California area under the San Diego-Imperial Swimming league, a subsidiary of USA Swimming,” said Breidenthal.

With the absence of a coach, the eight members of the swim team practice Monday and Wednesday mornings 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Alga Norte Aquatic Center, their new home pool.

The swimmers create their own workouts on a white board. In that sense, the college club team runs similarly to how a Masters swim team is coached.  

This year, the swim team seeks members with previous swimming experience from high school, their childhoods or jobs like lifeguarding.

“We will likely be holding some tryouts next year since we are becoming a competitive club,” said Breidenthal.

Club dues are $300 per semester which covers the cost of pool time and league.
If you are interested in joining CSUSM Swim Club, send an email to [email protected] or follow the club on Instagram @CSUSMSwimClub.

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