Musician Spotlight: David Yuter has strong drive for music success

CSUSM student determined to be established in music industry


CSUSM senior and musician David Yuter finds solace in music.

Lexy Perez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Growing up, it can be common for people to be unsure of what they want for their future. For senior and musician David Yuter, his calling was known for as long as he could remember.

Raised by musical parents and a songwriter/pianist uncle, Yuter grew up in an environment that had great appreciation for music. At just four years old, his dad would play the guitar alongside him, teaching him classic rock music.

“Music has been a part of who I am ever since the first day I stepped into this world,” said Yuter.

Despite holding a great love for music overall, he has always gravitated towards playing the keyboard, for he knew he had the capability of capturing the essence of what it has to offer.

“I’ve always been naturally attracted toward the keyboard. I love mimicking sounds and creating patches that the pros play in the actual songs. I started to take lessons when I was younger, but stopped after a year because I wasn’t into the traditional method of teaching jazz and classical,” said Yuter.

While lessons can help cultivate any musician to perfect their craft, Yuter found more trust in his own capabilities.

“I couldn’t relate as much with the music, because I just wasn’t feeling it. I was a rock/pop/blues/funk player, and I knew that from early on. So from about six years old on, I taught myself everything I know today,” said Yuter.

With any passion comes the desire to marvel in it more. Yuter not only plays the keyboard, but found great importance in diving into other aspects of the music industry.

“Being a professional musician, it is extremely important to have good rhythm, no matter what instrument you play. Because of that, I am also a drummer, percussion player and producer,” said Yuter.  

Yuter spent a lot of time searching for gigs, aiming to be recognized for his musical talent. After playing with various groups almost every night, he began to establish himself in local musical outlets. He soon began to be contacted to perform in gigs, join recording sessions, tour and partake in other projects.

Just last year, he performed in over 150 shows and toured with established artists, such as Grammy-nominated Elle King, and is a part of the local group, Tolan Shaw. Yuter said he has already found great pride in things he has accomplished.

“At the time, she [Elle King] was big, and I was playing for sold-out crowds around the country almost every single night. It was amazing,” said Yuter.

Yuter and his original band, Tolan Shaw, were also awarded with the opportunity to perform at last year’s KAABOO Festival in Del Mar, alongside The Killers, No Doubt, Zac Brown Band and The Roots.

With a busy schedule of nonstop performances, the stage has become a second home to Yuter.

“I feel most comfortable when I am on stage; it’s like my second home.  Because I am on stage 150 plus nights of the year, I rarely get nervous, regardless if it’s one person or 10,000 people in the audience.  My goal is to play the parts the best I can, jam, and have a great time no matter what.”  

For anyone hoping to make it in the music industry, Yuter assures that it’s all about what you have to offer to the table, both professionally and personally.

“Be the best person you can be and make yourself someone that other people want to work with. Be professional, reliable and punctual and show up to every gig prepared. Always be positive, no matter how bad the gig is or how much the music sucks. A gig is a gig and you just have to do it,” said Yuter.

He also said he believes that the most important thing for anyone to understand is that music is a powerful art form and should be appreciated and acknowledged for the beauty it already holds.

“Like love, music is a universal language, which everyone speaks and feels. Music is healing, therapeutic and inspiring. It helps us understand the world better, and is the soundtrack to our lives. Music is a powerful outlet for people to escape and create,” said Yuter.

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