Escape room offers a fun escape from reality


At Mighty Awesome Escape Room, located in San Marcos visitors can solve a mystery in the escape room of Professor R.K. Alogee’s Office.

Tiffany Trent, Opinion Editor

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do with a group of friends or family, look no further than Mighty Awesome, located in San Marcos.

CSUSM alumni Cory Reeder created Mighty Awesome, an entertainment business service that produces escape rooms. Escape rooms are live entertainment experiences where you are “locked” in a room and must solve puzzles and find clues in order to escape.

Currently, the San Marcos location has one escape room entitled The Office of Professor R.K. Alogee. The premise is that Professor R.K. Alogee has made the discovery of a lifetime, but just before she could share it, she has gone missing. It is up to you and your team as the professor’s grad student interns to find out what it is that she discovered and what happened to her. You only have one hour to solve the mystery before “others” show up to raid her office.

Once inside the room, you must solve puzzles, find keys and do lots of exploring. The room is filled with cool archeology artifacts, maps, photographs and books. The only way to begin unraveling the mystery is to dive right in immediately. The puzzles are both entertaining and challenging.

Cory and his girlfriend, Kelly, whom he refers to as his partner in mystery, create the escape rooms as a means of escaping our technology-focused society. Cell phones aren’t allowed into the escape room, which encourages visitors to utilize their own knowledge without the help of Google.

“People can unplug from their daily technology and immerse themselves in another world for a bit,” said Reeder.

The escape room is thrilling, intriguing, family-friendly and fun for all mystery lovers. Team size can vary from two to six people. Although you must work together with your other team members to solve challenging puzzles in a an hour, Reeder assures that it isn’t as stressful as one may think.

“While experiencing the escape room, people can learn about history and geography to solve puzzles without even realizing they went through a teaching moment because they were so enrapt in the game with the clock ticking down,” said Reeder.

With the success of their first escape room, Reeder is building a second room entitled Twilight in Tinseltown. It is expected to open in early May.

“The room will be a modern mystery that throws you into the past to experience the golden age of Hollywood in a fictitiously famous screenwriter’s bungalow,” said Reeder.

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to escape and immerse yourself and some friends into a mystery world and learn while having fun, consider going to a Mighty Awesome escape room.
Mighty Awesome Escape Room is located on 1030 La Bonita Drive Ste 140, San Marcos, CA 92078. All CSUSM students can get 30 percent off their escape room reservation by using the promo code MIGHTYCSUSM during checkout. For more information or to book an escape room reservation, visit