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Jordan T. Waechter

Jordan T. Waechter

Jordan T. Waechter, Contributor

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Have you ever heard the saying, “there are people who watch things happen, people who wait for things to happen, and people who say what happened?”

What if instead, everyone in the global community — individuals, leaders, strangers and the like created a culture where people would make things happen? How different would it be if we painted our own doors of opportunity and assisted others in building their bridges?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. By adapting our views and biases, we can create the fruitful environment that each one of us has the potential to soar within. In order to make things happen, you must be willing to spread your wings to reach new heights that others do not deem possible because of the turbulence. What is possible for you may not be possible for someone else and vise versa!

Seize the reins of opportunity, take the initiative to lead the march on rights you have been so passionate about, start a community garden, take responsibility for your actions, read the book you set down last month, grow your relationships with others, think big and dream bigger! There is power in simply setting our minds to a goal, following through and aspiring to be a slightly better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

Find certainty in uncertainty. In Rotterdam, The Netherlands, across from one of the canals is a wall of art that reads, “In order for me to stay the same, I would have to change.”

The insight seems so clear, yet, common sense is not always so common. We must continue to grow by pushing our limits past what we feel is possible. We must find ways to not only think outside of the box, but also find the inspiration to recreate the dimensions.

Are you an opportunity seeker, do you create the conditions for the next possibility to exist? Food for thought, Vera Wang failed to get the Editor-­in­-Chief position at Vogue, did not make the Olympic figure skating team and designed her first dress at age 40. Anything can happen if you stay persistent and set your mind to a goal, even if that goal slightly or revolutionarily changes course. If we knew the outcome of every event or opportunity, there would be no excitement to the story. So, get comfortable being uncomfortable and find certainty in uncertainty.

Finally, create positivity from the negativity. The change begins with us. Assist in creating a global community of passion, support and enthusiasm you are proud to exist within. Pass on your positive contributions with confidence for the generations to come and never stop learning. Keep on keeping on!

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