CSUSM graduate advocates now and in the future

Pierson Cepeda, Assistant Web & Social Media Manager


Human development major Kyle Azcuna finishes his time at CSUSM leaving behind a legacy of campus involvement and planning a future as an educator.

It was imperative to get involved on campus during his first year, a practice he carried over from high school.

“I wanted to get involved, like, right off the bat,” said Azcuna.

At El Segundo High, Azcuna participated in volleyball, Link Crew, Associated Student Body (ASB) as well as being crowned Homecoming King his senior year. Azcuna continued this track record of involvement with memberships in Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), O­-Team, Resident Advising, the Provost Search Committee, Greek Leadership Council (GLC) and ASI.

The San Marcos Experience Program helped Azcuna acclimate to college life by grouping him with other new students. During the spring semester of his freshman year, Azcuna rushed SAE and became a pledge, which would become an important part of his college career.

Azcuna then became a representative for the GLC and to their national headquarters. In his position of leadership, Azcuna worked hard to become a great leader.

“I’ve gone to at least 10 leadership schools learning how to be a better leader in the fraternity, and in life in general. Learning how to be a true gentleman, that’s our creed… you can never be a true gentleman in full, but you can always aspire to be a true gentleman,” said Azcuna.

One of the leadership schools Azcuna attended was University of La Verne. With the different tracks of leadership programs, Azcuna decided upon diversity inclusion.

“I’ve been a really big champion of diversity in my chapter,” said Azcuna.

He has come to champion diversity as part of his leadership, volunteering for events like the Nu Alpha Kappa Drag Show.

“I was volunteered, not of my own will, to do a drag show. At first I was like, ‘I don’t know. What’s it gonna be like dressing up like a woman?’ But we did a workshop and everything and we learned about the drag community, learned more about the LGBTQA community. My biological brother came out like three years ago, so I kinda dedicated my performance to him,” said Azcuna.

Azcuna managed to steal the show being crowned the inaugural Drag Queen.

Graduating in May, Azcuna will be attending a teaching program in Los Angeles that gives him the opportunity to teach children. He wants to work as a special education teacher, specifically autistic children.

Azcuna embraced his role as a leader by advocating for underrepresented communities. He aims to bring this motivation to his future endeavors as he continues his advocacy.