Graduating Athletes: Men’s Basketball


Cody Cook

Left to right: Declan Daly, Akachi Okugo and Darnell Taylor

Amy Chastain, Sports Editor

Darnell Taylor, Guard

Stat: Led the with 950 minutes of playing time, averaging 35.2 a game.

Major: Sociology

Post­-graduation plan: “I will be working and spending time with family.”

Ideal graduation trip: “Cancun, I think it would be an awesome get away right after school has ended.”

Advice to teammates who have yet graduate: “Don’t take anything for granted. Treat everything like it’s your last.”

Declan Daly, Forward

Stat: Led the team with 248 rebounds, 75 more than the closest teammate.

Major: Communication

Post-­graduation plan: “Seeing where life takes me.”

Ideal graduation trip: “Europe, go to the South of France, a little bit of Spain and make long way to Croatia. Finish in Prague.”

Advice to teammates who have yet graduate: “Goodluck!”

Akachi Okugo, Guard

Stat: Led the team with 70 three-­pointers.

Major: Social Science with an emphasis in Communication

Post­-graduation plan: “Continue to play basketball.”

Ideal graduation trip: “The Caribbeans”

Advice to teammates who have yet graduate: “Enjoy your time, it goes by fast.”