Editorial Introduction

Gayana Parsegova, Opinion Editor

This semester, the Cougar Chronicle will be adding a new editorial section to the newspaper.

The editorial represents the newspaper as a whole, being the voice behind this paper. Each edition, the section editors of the newspaper will address a topic that we, as the newspaper, feel passionate about in regards to CSUSM.
What makes this particular section of the newspaper unique from the rest of the sections is that it allows the newspaper to stand alone. It is independent from the rest of school, the faculty and administration.

Topics will come from a range of issues that we believe need to be addressed, such as the price of parking permits, waitlisted classes, or making sure you can graduate on time.

As members of this independent student-run newspaper, we understand what it feels like to be a student here at CSUSM. We strive to use our platform to give a voice to campus life and issues that matter to our fellow Cougars.

Our only hope and goal as The Cougar Chronicle, is to accomplish the task of being as informative as possible to our fellow peers.

Happy reading Cougars!