Meet the newest Cougar on campus, Head Baseball Coach Matt Guiliano


Shane Siemsen, Assistant Sports Editor

Cougars have something to look forward to this upcoming baseball season thanks to new Head Coach Matt Guiliano.


Over the summer break, it was announced that for the first time in school history, CSUSM would have a new head baseball coach. Guiliano’s official start with the team in an administrative role was on July 1.


Guiliano is thankful for the legacy left behind by former Head Coach Dennis Pugh. “I am looking to build on an already great foundation that [Pugh] had established with his time here,” Guiliano said.


Assistant Coach Jared Suwyn, is optimistic about the team and staff’s future cooperation and trust with the new Head Coach.


“Getting to know Matt, I think the [team is] going to be all in with Coach Guiliano,” Suwyn said.


Coach Guiliano grew up in Claremont and later moved to Valley Center where he played prep baseball for the Valley Center Jaguars.


From there, Guiliano attended Palomar College where he played his single season as a starting third baseman. He helped his team to the Pacific Coast Conference Championship in 2003, ranking them fourth in California and seventh in the nation that season.

In the fall of 2003, Guiliano left Palomar to play at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo and then went on to play for the University of Sioux Falls (USF) in 2005.  His playing career at Sioux Falls ended in 2006, but his coaching career began with the same team in 2007.  Guiliano served as a coach assistant, but then got his shot to become the head coach, where he was very productive for nine seasons.


After nine years at Sioux Falls, Guiliano made the move to CSUSM, one that he states is an amazing step in his career.  “It’s a dream situation,” said Guiliano.   


Although the program is already strong, Guiliano still sees an opportunity to better the team. “I want higher on base percentages and lower strikeout rates,” Guiliano said.

Guiliano not only brings baseball knowledge, but the ability to recruit great student-athletes.  He is looking forward to promoting this “amazing city, location, and campus.”


The team focuses on getting better every day.  Red-shirt sophomore catcher, Isaias Torres explained that their goal for the season “is to play together as a team and trust each other.”


“Our coach believes that trust is very important, and he wants players to hold each other accountable for everything we do on and off the field,” Torres said.

The Cougars enter the 2016 season with high hopes. Guiliano and his staff are eager to improve on a solid 15-21 conference record and 23-25 overall record from last season, their first in NCAA Division II.


The Cougars began their offseason training with their new Head Coach on Sept. 10th, designating their first practice of the year.