CSUSM holds indigenous Guelaguetza Festival


Antonio Pequeño, Staff Writer


“La Guelaguetza,” is an idea and celebration held dear to Oaxacan people that promotes unity through communal effort.


CSUSM’s Anthropology department has partnered up with indigenous culture organization, COCIO to bring this deeply-rooted tradition to our campus on Oct. 9 at 9:00 a.m.

COCIO’s website outlines the organization’s mission to “promote, strengthen and encourage indigenous cultures practices in the Americas.” The organization supports “binational cultural exchange, educational programs and events to create a positive impact in our communities”.


COCIO and the Anthropology Department plan to host La Guelaguetza to promote and celebrate heightened cultural diversity through authentic music, food and communication.


Time and resources have been dedicated to invite and welcome countless cultures from far and wide to recognize unity through celebration.


Student organization M.E.Ch.A has reached out and encouraged its members and CSUSM students to volunteer by providing aid for promoting, setting up and participating in the highly anticipated event.