Students paint nails purple in support of domestic violence victims


Stephany Mejia, News and Faculty Reporter

October is domestic violence awareness month and CSUSM Student Health and Counseling Services is aiming to spread awareness about the issue to students on campus.


From 11 a.m to 1 p.m on Oct. 4, Student Health and Counseling Services hosted the #putthenailinit campaign against domestic violence event at the USU Arcade.


The campaign began as a movement led by Safe Horizon, which is an organization that provides support for domestic violence victims. Those in support of the movement paint the nail of their ring finger purple to show the victims their support against domestic violence.  


Tables were set up with purple ribbons representing domestic violence. Each one of the participants had their ring finger nail painted purple to show their support and encouraged students to paint their nails too.


Junior Magne Wallaher participated in the event and sported a purple shirt with “#putthenailininit” printed on it to spread awareness. Wallaher said he loves to reach out to people and has always been interested in health and spreading awareness to others.


Cathy Nguyen,Coordinator of the HOPE & Wellness Center attended the event. The purpose of the event is to teach students what a healthy relationship should be like,  get students involved and to provide resources. Nguyen said that one in seven men and one in four women have experienced domestic violence.


“Domestic violence and sexual violence is very near and dear to my heart. I have been doing this advocacy for a very long time,” said Nguyen. “I am also an advocate and volunteer for the Center of Community Solutions, so having interactions with people who are survivors, I feel like I am making a difference and that is what I want is putting an end to all violence.”


Those who are victims of domestic violence and want to seek help can reach out to the Sexual Violence Advocate at the Student Health Center, Christa Wencl.


For help outside of campus, the hotline 888- DV-Links or the website are resources for domestic violance victims. For local resources, The Center of Community Solutions located in Escondido and the Women’s Resource Center located in Oceanside offers shelters and counseling for domestic violence victims.