Wheaton sets another spike to success for CSUSM women’s volleyball


Stephanie Sellars, Sports Reporter


Freshman setter, Aleese Wheaton, is a competitive, determined and dependable player who has already made an impact on the CSUSM women’s volleyball team.


Wheaton is from San Clemente, California. She graduated from Mater Dei High School and plays for CSUSM 2016 Women’s Volleyball team.


Wheaton has started and played in 55 sets with 8.56 assists per set, 3.25 digs per set and .78 points per set so far this season.


Volleyball became apart of Wheaton’s life at the age of eleven.


“My family had me involved in multiple sports as a child, until they told me I finally had to chose one,” said Wheaton.  


After choosing volleyball, she joined a team in middle school. From there, Wheaton played recreational volleyball, then proceeded into club.


“Volleyball has helped me mentally, to become tougher and not let things get to me and has helped me learn to multitask with school.”


The team trip to East Bay is one of Wheaton’s favorite memories so far this season after setting to freshman Eliana Williams three times in a row on a slide, resulting in the team getting a huge kill.


Even though Wheaton had 24 assists, the Cougars unfortunately lost.


“Knowing that the team got a kill based off of something that I did makes me feel good, even though I might not get the glory,” said Wheaton.


Sophomore previous setter/right side Lauren Lee, said she trusts Wheaton’s capabilities in taking on this position.


“I could just go back to hitting and I know she will deliver each ball,” said Lee.


Head Volleyball Coach Andrea Leonard believes Wheaton brings a higher level of technicality setting to the team which the players follow.


“Wheaton has helped the team in a lot of ways,” Leonard said. “[She has] really raised our level of expectation and players have followed her.”


Coach Leonard said she sees Wheaton as a stand out player because her level of coachability is extremely high. Her competitive desire against opponents has risen greatly throughout the season.


“Her confidence grows even more, along with her leadership as well, and I think she realizes her impact on others and has truly embraced that,” said Coach Leonard.


CSUSM can watch Wheaton and the rest of the women’s volleyball team go head to head against Cal Poly Pomona on Friday, Oct. 14 at 7:00 p.m. in The Sports Center.


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