Editorial: Giving chocolate and hurling bricks

Gayana Parsegova, Opinion Editor

Welcome back to another edition of The Cougar Chronicle’s editorial column.

In this edition, we’ll be giving out boxes of chocolate to moments that had us jump for joy and hurling a massive brick at the issues that completely grinds our gears.

We would like to take a moment to give a heaping box of chocolate to all the wonderful students out there who pick up the newspaper and take the time to read it. On behalf of The Cougar Chronicle, we greatly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

No one seems to ever be sure how well an elevator is working in Craven Hall or if it’s working at all. And when it’s a hot day, students choose to value their lives rather than taking the “stairs of death.” It’s convenient to have that elevator up and running but unfortunately, there has been caution tape on the elevator every other day for the past week! We’d like to hurl some bricks at whoever can’t seem to fix this issue. We’re tired of coming to class panting, sweating and sunburned because of the stairs.

Midterms are coming up and we noticed the library is filled to the brim with hard working students! Whether this is your first semester, trying to figure out how to pass your midterms or your last semester and you’re an expert at test taking, we’d love to give everyone a big box of chocolate for all their dedication this semester!

Keep it up, Cougars! We’re getting there!