Undeclared students learn about CSUSM majors and minors

Stephany Mejia, Staff and Faculty Reporter

The Career Center hosted the Major and Minor Fair from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 3, in the USU Ballroom.

Faculty, staff and academic advisors from over 40 departments attended the event to guide students who are undecided or want to add a minor in their degree plan.

The Student Services Coordinator, Monica Gillie had a map indicating where to go for each majors.

“Students get to learn about the majors offered here on campus, the minors we have. That’s what the Career Center is here to do, to help those that are undeclared, find a major, help people find a major,” said Gillie.

Judy Bauerlein, a theater professor and Lucy H.G. Solomon who teaches Arts in Technology,  represented CSUSM arts programs at the fair. They encourage students to be involved in the arts even if they do not want to major in them.

“They don’t necessarily major in any of the arts, but I don’t think many people know that there are arts programs here,” said Bauerlein.

Freshman Isela Gomez heard about the event in her GEL class. Gomez is currently undecided but has film studies in mind. She learned about different job opportunities in film studies.

Sophomore Leila Leon heard about the event from a friend. She is a pre-health major but wanted to learn about options in case she wanted to change her major. Leon said she feels more comfortable switching majors.

Both students not only learned about the majors and minors CSUSM offers, but also about different careers and job opportunities.

For students who are undecided or undeclared and did not attend the event, the Career Center offers many different avenues of support for students including career counselors.