Graduating Editor reflects on CSUSM journey

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

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Rebecca Sykes, current Sports editor for the Cougar Chronicle and soon to be graduate, took the time to reflect back on her experience at CSUSM.

“My first semester of college I did not focus on my studies and I just wanted to have fun. I now care a ton about my grades and striving for perfection for the paper. I have learned a lot in my classes I have taken at CSUSM and I will definitely miss my time here.”

Sykes rates her college journey as a success. She said she’s enjoyed the university’s community, meeting various people and making new friends.

“I loved my overall college experience! I got the chance to live at the dorms and had a blast; I learned a lot, became open-minded, learned to critically think about everything, made a lot of friends and obtained a position at the Cougar Chronicle. “

Sykes credits being promoted to Sports editor at the Cougar Chronicle as her favorite college memory. Sykes initially joined the paper in order to fulfill requirements for one of her classes. However, her passion for the paper flourished and soon she received a promotion that would extend her love even more.

“I honestly did not think anything would come from it and that I loved it as much as I have. I started at the Cougar Chronicle in February 2016 and got promoted to sports editor before summer break” said Sykes.

Sykes expressed her pride in being apart of a diverse campus that cares about students.

“CSUSM is a place for everyone and I feel proud to be a part of a school that cares a lot about diversity…I will miss having open discussions in my classes about serious topics. I always enjoyed hearing other people’s point of views and being able to learn from others” said Sykes.

Sykes will be departing from CSUSM with a degree in Communications. Upon graduation Sykes said she hopes to find a job that will correlate with her skill sets. As she moves on to the next chapter of her life, Sykes leaves her fellow cougars with advice.

“Be kind and open-minded of others. There is so much bad in the world and if we can just be kind to one another, that can help bring peace. Everyone is going through his or her own battles and even a smile to a stranger can make someone’s day.”

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