Why you should be in a relationship on Valentine’s day


Layda Galvan & Daniel Cabrera, Editor-in-chief & Incredible Boyfriend

What does Valentine’s Day consist of for a couple?


The typical Valentine’s date involves romantic places such as the beach, the park, or a restaurant for dinner, but what makes it special is to have that exclusive lover on this unique day I’d like to call Love.

Many will funnel their energy into finding the perfect gift, and others will spend hours making a cute craft for their significant other. Though these options are definitely heartwarming gestures, it is the essential love between the romantic partners that drives these acts and gives this day its meaning.


The love you feel for your partner transforms an ordinary calendar day into an exciting, fill-your-stomach-with-butterflies excursion. Like the day he spent hours making me a gummy worm soccer ball, and the time I made him 20 Jolly Rancher roses. The effort in making something for the one I love  is what counts the most and gives it a true meaning of love.


Treating your significant other on Valentine’s in a special way is more relatable than you think.


For some who have not experienced this and would like some insight, picture your favorite football team.


Valentine’s is like a sports event; the average person who is not particularly interested views the event as groups of brutes slamming heads together.


However, you enter the fandom realm, the event takes on a new meaning.


The match becomes a calculated game of strategy and intensity; a simple statistic such a touchdown becomes a glorious victory, and an interception becomes a depressing defeat.


We couples too are engrossed in a special, ongoing event we all call a relationship. Valentine’s is the Super Bowl of a relationship and, like every football fan who tunes in on that special day, you bet we will be savoring every minute of our romantic Super Bowl as Team Love.