Run the Jewels performs at The Observatory North Park

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Run the Jewels performs at The Observatory North Park

Antonio Pequeño IV, A&E Editor

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In the 14th stop of the Run the World Tour, Hip-Hop duo Run the Jewels (consisting of rapper and producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike) performed at the Observatory North Park on Jan. 30.

Opening acts included performances by The Gaslamp Killer, producer Nick Hook, and rappers Cuz Lightyear and Gangsta Boo.

Once all of the opening acts finished performing, the tense, 30-minute intermission began as the stage crew made preparations, and the packed venue buzzed with anticipation. Run the Jewels, was on a hot streak.

On Dec. 24, their highly anticipated album, “Run the Jewels 3,” released earlier than planned. Sticking with their release strategies for prior albums, the new album was released with a free download. The duo encourages fans to do what they feel is right when it comes to supporting the album financially or not.

Run the Jewels must be doing something right, because regardless of their album’s free release, they achieved the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts for Physical Album, Vinyl Album, Rap Album, and R&B + Hip Hop Album for Billboard’s week of Feb. 4.

However, no amount of chart-toppers were needed for attendees to conclude that they were in for an absolutely electric show.

Following a long time tradition, Trackstar the DJ (Run the Jewels’ tour DJ) queued up Queen’s “We Are the Champions” as a smiling Killer Mike and El-P walked onto stage and began heartedly reciting Queen’s classic along with the audience.

As the song ended and the tone shifted, the duo kicked off their performance with their signature high-powered and brutal songs off of their new album such as “Talk to Me,” “Legend Has It,” and “Call Ticketron.” It took virtually no time for the energy to begin alternating between Mike, El-P, and the sold out crowd.

Mike and El-P’s off-script moments of banter and light-hearted interactions with the audience gave attendees further reason to invest themselves in the experience.

The show consisted of a medley of Run The Jewels tracks from the politically-charged and soulful “Early,” to the braggadocious and raunchy “Love Again,” to the explosive “Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry).”

Other than some minor technical difficulties on behalf of the venue, Run the Jewels ignited The Observatory with fiery spirit from beginning to end with their vitalized performance. The Hip-Hop duo will now set their sights at continuing an extensive world tour that will conclude this summer.

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