CSUSM welcomes new Chief Diversity Officer


Stephany Mejia, News Editor

President Karen Haynes, introduces Dr. Joe-Joe McManus and his family to CSUSM by holding a welcoming reception.


Dr. McManus was selected out of 101 applicants. According to Haynes, Dr. McManus has 20 years of experience in the area of diversity. As a first-generation college student and part of a multi-racial and inter religious family, he relates to many students.


McManus was introduced in an open event as the new Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President Office of Diversity, Educational Equity and Inclusion on Jan. 25 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Kellogg Library Reading Room 5400.


Approximately 60 people attended the event, and the majority were faculty and staff. The attendees included Diversity Coordinator, Ariel Stevenson, and political science professor Cynthia Metoyer.


Stevenson said McManus wants to implement the new strategic plan.


“I think he will help propel us to the next level,” said Stevenson.


Dr. McManus introduced his wife and young daughter to those who attended. He said he wants to interact with the campus community and would like for students to feel comfortable speaking with him. He said that students are free to visit his office located in Craven Hall 6208.


“I have been excited to see what has been done already, and people are very much engaged in issues of diversity and inclusion, and there has been progress; we are not starting at step one. People are looking on how to take the next step and how to move forward.”


McManus plans to host a student forum where he can meet with students. Details will later be announced.