Students take a stand against Trump


Stephany Mejia, News Editor

Five students participated in a protest against President Trump’s actions on Feb. 2 during U-hour. The protest occurred at the Kellogg Plaza while a different event was in process.


They did not have an official leader, but junior student Solara Medina is taking action for her beliefs. Medina’s friends and other students joined her to protest.


She said she worries how President Trump’s policies will affect local students.


Medina said many students will be affected by the immigration laws President Trump has imposed, especially with some families being separated.


Medina acknowledges CSUSM for being open to different cultures but would like to see students take action and not be bystanders on issues that are occurring after President Trump taking office.


She is a United States citizen, a Mexican-American and a first-generation college student. This is her country and home, and all of Trump’s policies affect her, says Medina.


“Please join us and spread the message. Please take into consideration that everything that is happening will affect you, whether you recognize it or not,” said Medina.


The protesters walked in a circle with signs. With a megaphone, the protestors expressed their message against Trump and the construction of the wall.


Medina organized the protest spontaneously but plans on protesting at least once a week during U-hour.  She is still not on social media but says it’s a work in progress. Medina invites all students to join her.