Bible marathon for CSUSM community


Gayana Parsegova, Opinion Editor

Priority Christian is a campus organization that provides a sense of spiritual tranquility and connection of the Christian faith for all CSUSM students to embrace themselves in. The organization welcomes  and encourages everyone to partake in their activities.


On Feb. 6 in front of the Kellogg Library from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Priority Christian organized an event entitled “Read through the Bible marathon.” Students from all over campus came together and listened to their peers read the Bible aloud.


The students took turns throughout the day reading accounts from the Bible, each with intervals of 30 minutes.


After the first student finished, the next participant continued reading from where the previous student left off. Essentially the reading had been going in constant motion, starting from the book of Genesis and ending with Revelations.


Sophomore Ramon Flores went on to say, “I think it is a great event. It allowed different ideas to be spoken and allowed people to voice themselves. I was bothered by the people who were yelling slurs however. But when someone challenged the speakers, the speakers gave a full and civil explanation of their convictions which made it intriguing.”


While students took the time to sit and read the Bible aloud, Priority Christian also provided a small panel off to the side. They supplied students with answers for any questions that may arise while listening to the readings.


President Ruby Garcia who hosted the event says, “This event is not a preaching or converting event. We welcome anyone that has any interest of joining. We are praying that this event is as successful as we want it to be!”


For more information regarding the Priority Christian club, you can email the organization at [email protected].